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Top Stories This Week in the Chronicle.
Issue dated October 17, 2014

New television season proposal

Benjamin Colwell asks Berea native Justin Asher to marry him on the October 3 episode of the Ellen show.

Asher, 28, moved from Berea to Ft. Myers, Florida a year ago, where he met Colwell, who had moved from Binghamton, New York, a year earlier.

Colwell had given Asher a commitment ring on February 17 after the couple went to see an earlier taping of the show. This time, Ellen DeGeneres called the couple onstage so that Colwell could take a knee and ask for his love’s hand in marriage.

Asher still owns a house in Berea, and they come back for frequent visits… in the summer. “The cold had gotten to us both,” Asher said.

When DeGeneres noted that the relationship had reached this stage “really fast,” Asher noted, “I know he’s the one.”

“When you know, you know,” DeGeneres noted.

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