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December 27, 2013

1.Utah and New Mexico join marriage fold

2. Bill would allow Ohio couples to file state income tax jointly

3. Police ask Justice Dept. to look at murders of TG women

4.Lakewood council enacts city worker DP benefits

5. News Briefs Social Security benefits extended to same-sex couples

6. Evenings Out Putting out walls of fire with coke

December 13, 2013

1.Obama pledges $100 million for an AIDS cure

2. Two transgender women murdered in one week

3. Two Illinois women wed, months before law takes effect

4.Nelson Mandela praised as a champion of LGBT equality

5. News Briefs Elton John defies Russian anti-gay law on stage

6. Evenings Out And never the twain shall meet

November 29, 2013

1.Sixteen going on seventeen?

2. March and ceremony honors transgender victims of violence

3. Andrey Bridges gets life in prison for murder of CeCe Dove

4.News Briefs All 435 House districts support ENDA, study says

5. Evenings Out Past and present

November 15, 2013

1.Illinois and Hawaii pass full marriage laws

2. Andrey Bridges convicted of murdering CeCe Dove

3. Seven out Ohioans are re-elected to local offices

4.Senate passes LGBT job anti-bias bill, 64 to 32

5. Ohio has a new tax form for same-sex married couples

6. News Briefs Out mayoral candidates win in two major cities

7. World AIDS Day Closer than ever to ending the AIDS epidemic

8. World AIDS Day Remembering lesbian women in the ‘new age’ of AIDS

9. Evenings Out The female gaze

November 1, 2013

1.Cincinnati Gay and Lesbian Center to close its doors

2. New Jersey gets marriage; 3 other states may follow

3. John Arthur, who challenged Ohio marriage ban, dies

4.Oregon will recognize marriages, despite ban

5. News Briefs Job discrimination ban to get Senate vote this month

6. Evenings Out Interior. Sal Mineo.

October 19, 2013

1.Lakewood city workers get domestic partner benefits

2. Bill would add LGBTs to Ohio’s hate crime law

3. Ohio may be the third state to outlaw ‘conversion’ therapy

4.Paris is picked for the 2018 Gay Games

5. News Briefs New Jersey judge won’t delay ruling for marriage

6. Volunteer helps preserve LGBT footage for posterity

October 4, 2013

1.Lawmaker wants marriage ruling judge impeached

2. Paradise Inn, one of the nation’s oldest gay bars, celebrates 60 years

3. New Jersey judge rules for marriage equality

4.Labor Dept. says its rules apply to all married couples

5. News Briefs Exxon Mobile says it will give health benefits to spouses

6. Evenings Out Henry Gerber

Septmeber 23. 2013

1.City’s ‘nuisance’ letter to Cocktails riles community

2. Four groups join to campaign for marriage in Ohio

3. Judge rules Ohio must recognize a second marriage

4.News Briefs New Mexico high court to decide marriage issue

5. Evenings Out For the love of stand-up comedy

September 6, 2013

1.IRS to recognize all wedded couples

2. Toledo festival weekend wraps up summer’s Pride events

3. Bar patron attacked by large group of youths

4.Cedar Point cancels zombie wedding over gay inclusion

5. Eight New Mexico counties issue marriage licenses

6. Manning won’t get hormone therapy in military prison

7. News Briefs A third Ohio poll finds support for marriage equality

8. Evenings Out A dark look at love in the big city

August 23. 2013

1.Ohio spouses can’t get Social Security–yet

2. Fired teacher settles, but won’t get her job back

3. Judge extends order that Ohio must recognize men’s vows

4.IOC itself may remove athletes for pro-gay statements

5. News Briefs Darren Young is first active pro to come out

6. Evenings Out A well-crafted story of immigration woes before DOMA died

August 9, 2013

1.Outcry grows over Russian anti-gay law

2. Pennsylvania registrar issues marriage licenses

3. In a break from past, Francis is the first pope to say ‘gay’

4.Toledo Pride to have Night Glo and boat rides

5. News Briefs Betty Crocker bakes cakes for Minnesota’s first weddings

6. Evenings Out The price is too high

July 26, 2013

1. Judge orders Ohio to recognize men’s vows

2. Queen gives assent to British marriage law

3. New Russian law bans any pro-gay speech

4. LGBT job equality bill passes Senate panel 15-7

5. News Briefs House GOP leaders give up on defending DOMA

6. Evenings Out Triangle with twins shows

July 12, 2013

1. Cleveland Pride breaks attendance records

2. How does DOMA ruling affect married Ohioans?

3. Marriage returns to California two days after ruling

4. News Briefs Petro now backs marriage, citing daughter’s wedding

5.Evenings Out Queer eye on that Doctor guy

June 28, 2013

1. Two wins on marriage

2. AIDS Taskforce of Cleveland joins AIDS Healthcare Foundation

3. CLAW moves to airport hotel next year

4. Two men bashed at Sandusky convenience store

5. News Briefs ‘Ex-gay’ group shuts down after leader apologizes

6.Evenings Out How gay is Oscar?

June 14, 2013

1. Marriage to be on Ohio ballot in 2014

2. Groups split on timing of marriage vote

3. Cleveland Pride: How far we have come on 25 years

4. Columbus Pride will change your life–Pride does that

5. Cincinnati Pride will fill the sky with fireworks

6.Evenings Out A pleasant life making wine in the south of France

May 31, 2013

1. Gay Boy Scouts will be allowed

2. Immigration bill moves without gay measure

3. British House of Commons passes marriage bill

4. News Briefs Soccer’s Rogers gets an ovation in his first out game

5.Evenings Out A pleasant life making wine in the south of France

May 17. 2013

1. Career criminal is charged in Acoff murder

2. An even dozen

3. Bill would outlaw LGBT discrimination in Ohio

4. Ohio Democratic Party endorses marriage equality

5.News Briefs Chillicothe ride is the city’s first Pride event

6.Evenings Out Was Richard Wagner a genius or a jackass?

May 3, 2013

1. Two nations and a state pass marriage laws

2. Paper criticized for handling of transgender woman’s murder

3. Twelfth CLAW is a fun weekend for all

4. Columbus teacher fired for having a woman partner

5.NBA player is first major sports figure to come out

6.News Briefs Meningitis outbreak is termed ‘not an epidemic’

6.Evenings Out Biggest comic publishers stand out with TG characters

April 19, 2013

1. Cleveland Foundation sponsors Gay Games

2. ARC Ohio merges with Violet’s Cupboard

3. Cincinnati bars city funding from discriminating parades

4. Three nations are about to join marriage equality club

5.News Briefs Hospital forces man to leave his partner’s room

6.Evenings Out American icons presented by an American treasure

April 5, 2013

1. ‘Skim-milk’ marriage

2. New poll puts Ohio marriage support at 54%

3. Prop. 8 arguments focus on standing and ban’s merits

4. Legal activists optimistic DOMA will be overturned

5.Arizona panel OKs version of anti-TG ‘bathroom’ bill

6.News Briefs New York health officials warn of deadly meningitis

7.Evenings Out Ah, to shape-change into the one of desire

March 22, 2013

1. Portman is the first GOP senator to back marriage equality

2. Cincinnati officials skip St. Patrick’s parade after organizers bar GLSEN

3. Jury awards
$13 million to gay
man wrongly imprisoned

4. Colorado to become ninth state with civil union law

5.News Briefs Church puts anti-gay sign back up on Interstate 71

6.Evenings Out Film festivals’s ‘10%’ grows to 16 this year

March 8, 2013

1. Obama, 13 states ask court to strike Prop. 8

2. Oberlin cancels classes after slurs mar campus

3. Equality Ohio joins with HRC, NGLTF for state action

4. Domestic violence law passes with LGBT provisions

5.News Briefs Fraternity raises money for TG pledge’s surgery

6.Evenings Out Salty, bitter tears

February 22, 2013

1. Mayor of Ohio River town resigns after denouncing gay officer

2. Cincinnati school official fired for pro-marriage blog post

3. Panetta extends spouse benefits to domestic partners

4. Marriage bills advance in two states, two nations

5.News Briefs British House of Commons passes full marriage bill

6.Evenings Out Sexy does not have an expiration date

February 8, 2013

1. Boy Scouts may end national gay ban

2. Hagel vows to advance gay troop benefits

3. Obama immigration plan includes same-sex couples

4. News Briefs British House of Commons passes full marriage bill

5.Evenings Out Big Apple cheesecake

January 25, 2013

1. ‘Seneca, and Selma, and Stonewall’

2. Marriage initiative is headed for goal

3. P-FLAG founder Jeanne Manford dies at age 92

4. News Briefs A national LGBT history museum is proposed for D.C.

5.Evenings Out MeKeown’s manifesto

January 11, 2013

1. Tim Brown, Nickie Antonio sworn in at Statehouse

2. Congress now has seven out members

3. African suit against U.S. anti-gay leader has a rocky start

4. News Briefs House Republicans vote to continue DOMA defense

5.Evenings Out Daddies, butches and studs

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